Main Frame Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
"Unbeatable For Quality And Price"
Nathan Smith
Nathan R. Smith
Drums, Programs, Engineer

MainFrame Board
Mainframe Recording Studio
2100 15th Ave South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212


AMEK -TAC Magnum Console
Digital Performer 8
2 Alesis HD-24 24 Track Recorders
MCI 24 Track 2 Inch Analog
Apogee AD-16 Converters
Apogee Big Ben Word Clock
Mac Pro Quadcore 3.2

State Of The Art Total 64 Bit Processing

MOTU 2408
Pro Tools 9
Autotune 7Studio One 2
Universal Audio LA-610
Focusrite ISA-215 / Focusrite Platinum Twin
Neumann TLM-103
Demeter Stereo Mic -pre and Stereo Compressor
Kurtzweill PC-88
Roland XP-30
Roland XV-5050
Alesis DM Pro
Akai S2000 Sampler
Pearl Session Studio Classic Drum Set
Hammond M-3 with Leslie